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Dear friends,

My question queues are running dry. If you’ve ever wanted to ask the Story Nurse something, now is a great time. If you’ve written in before, write in again! (Patreon patrons, don’t forget to use the patrons-only link to jump to the head of the line.)

I’ve also added new subscription options for your friends who aren’t already following Story Hospital. You can:

  • subscribe on WordPress: Follow Story Hospital
  • add the RSS feed to your favorite feed reader
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  • check the “Notify me of new posts” box when leaving a comment

Give someone you love a Story Hospital subscription by sending them to this page and encouraging them to sign up. All these options are free!

Of course, if you become a Patreon patron you will also get every post emailed to you two days early, and get a bunch of other perks, for just $1 a month (or more if you feel like it).

Mid-month progress on the patron drive: we’re at 107 patrons (goal is 120) and $270/month (goal is $300). Please encourage the writers you know to become Patreon patrons so I can make this year’s NaNoWriMo posts happen! If you’re already a patron, you can also increase your pledge. Just 30 people upping their pledges by $1/month would get us there.

Some of my past NaNo posts:

If you’re doing NaNo (in any form) and you think posts like these would be helpful, help me reach my pledge drive goals so I can write four brand new NaNoWriMo posts for you (and all the other NaNoers) in November.

Thank you so much for reading and supporting Story Hospital. I was astonished to see that over 1,000 people have already subscribed through WordPress or email—I never imagined having an audience like that. I’m here for all of you and hope you will all send me 1,000 questions to answer!


Story Nurse

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